Check My Number on Airtel SIM

How Can I Check My Number on Airtel

To check your Airtel number, dial the Airtel check number *282#. You can likewise know your own Airtel number by utilizing the Airtel application. Find out about every technique beneath. Recollecting your own airtel number is sometimes a monotonous assignment because of certain reasons like a new number or you wanna realize other individual numbers. For this, we are going to give free and simple strategies to Check my Airtel Number inside a couple of moments.

In this guide, we will give airtel number check USSD code, application technique, and IVRS Calling strategy. By following any of these you can without much of a stretch know your airtel number.

Get Airtel Number with Airtel Number Check Codes [USSD]

Airtel Number Check Code: This is the most straightforward approach to discover your Airtel number. Checking your Airtel number can’t be made any easier than this. Simply follow these two simple advances and you will realize how to get your Airtel number.

Step 1: Dial *282# from your Airtel portable number.

Step 2: You’ll right away get a SMS with your enlisted number.

Find Airtel Number with The MyAirtel App

To do an Airtel Mobile Number check, download the MyAirtel App. By downloading the Airtel application, not exclusively would you be able to appreciate all its advantage, however, you will likewise realize how to see your Airtel number easily. Follow these straightforward strides to do an Airtel versatile number check.

Stage 1: Download the MyAirtel application from Google Play Store or iTunes

Stage 2: Open the application and sign in to your record

Stage 3: On the Home screen, you’ll see your enrolled versatile number with voice call and information legitimacy

Truly! You can call this assistance line number where PC gives you an alternative to realizing plan detail by dialing 1.

You will Get Own Number by Message

From dialing 1 on 121 or 198 numbers you will get your number and dynamic arrangement subtleties through SMS moreover.

Get Your Own Airtel SIM Number by Simply Dialling a Number

If you are still not able to follow the above-mentioned steps 1 and 2 to fetch your Airtel Mobile Number, then you can use this method.

Stage 1: First of all just open the dial app in your phone

Stage 2: Dial this number: 121 or 198

Stage 3: Call will gets connected on airtel customer support

Stage 4: Snap 1 for “Portable Services”

Stage 5: On the next step, IRV will speak your mobile number, your balance, and your data balance and validity of your data balance with the date.

Stage 6: Note down everything including Your Airtel Mobile Number.

Stage 7: Much obliged

Check Your Airtel Mobile Number from Application

This method is a little longer method but you can anyways try this also.

Stage 1:  First of all download or update My Airtel App from Playstore

Stage 2: Presently just sign in with your Airtel SIM

Stage 3: Go to the Homepage of The My Airtel App

Stage 4: On Home Page of the App, you will get below screen

Stage 5: This consists of almost every activated plan of your Airtel SIM, Validity, Your Airtel Number, Your Airtel Data Balance, Expiry, and so on.


These were four steps through which you can fetch your Airtel Mobile Number. Besides this, if you still get any issues in checking your number, you can contact through toll-free customer care number or can visit the airtel app for better guidance.