Difference between Hacking and Spying

Difference between Hacking and Spying

Most people are not well aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between spying and hacking. However, there is a hell of a difference between the terms that we are going to discuss today. Therefore, let’s get to know the basic difference between hacking and spying given below.

What is hacking: Brief Discussion?

When it comes to hacking, it means such types of high –tech activities to compromise digital devices in terms of the security of computer machines, cell phones, tablets and as well as electronic networks.

However, it does not necessary hacking meant for malicious motives only. Well, one way or another hacking refers to the activities that are unlawful done by the cybercriminals –that precisely executed to seek for monetary gains, protest, to get the information for the sake of spying someone. However, most of the people do hacking activities for the sake challenges.

Most of the people do believe that hackers are a person or a program that got skills to manipulate computers or cell phone hardware to use it against them by default commands given by the developers.

However, this type of definition only represents the narrow meanings of hacking. So, you need to understand what pushes a person intensely to perform the process of hacking. Seemingly it is all about for money, power, ego drive and as well as to execute a crime online.

It is very technical in stuff such as installing malware on any device or network that don’t need any user interaction at all. On the other hand, modern hackers are also using psychology to manipulate the user into clicking a malicious attachment or give personal data. It is also known as social media engineering.

Hacking over the years has changed from teenage mischief into a billion dollars business. However, it does matter when it comes to the legality of this business.

There is no doubt about that hacking is genuinely an overarching umbrella that is being used to perform cyber-attacks on the general masses or business owned computing devices and of the governments. Apart from social engineering and advertising, conventional hacking techniques are the following:

  • Botnets
  • Browser hijacks
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Trojans
  • Worms

What is spying: Brief Discussion?

Spying is an act to collect or gather the information from someone in real –life or with the use of spying software for cell phone or computer device connected to the internet. However, espionage or spying is a kind of activity that is being performed to seek secret or confidential information without the consent of information holder.
Spying is possible through manpower and as well as with the piece of technology such as intelligence organizations use their agents to uncover secret information. So, espionage could be in the form of
government service, company, as well as independent operations, can perform spying or surveillance. On the other hand, this kind of activity may or may not be legal, and it mostly depends upon the
circumstances in which espionage has taken place.
According to the law espionage or spying legal and could be illegal but it depends upon the activities
you are doing and its motives. So, spying means tactics that enable you to gather intelligence
information from underground sources.
However, spying for the sake of corporations is also known as industrial spying. Espionage can be
performed through high tech –tools in terms of cell phone and computer spying apps that need to be
installed on the targeted devices to gather information stored on these devices remotely. Once you have installed it on the target digital devices or with the use of malicious technological tools to bypass the by default commands given to the digital device to perform activities of spying.


So, there is a big difference between hacking and spying. Hacking is specifically targeted the
technological devices in terms of cell phones, computer devices, and other sorts of networks
operating as a program. So, the manipulation of an electronic program by getting hacking skills to use
it for their gains or to have a fun known as hacking but on the other hand spying is an activity to
gather undiscovered information using manpower or using a piece of technology is called spying.