How to Improve a Bad Blog Post

How to Improve a Bad Blog Post

Blogs are a real business. You shouldn’t take them lightly. Single bad post can spoil your brand reputation or reduce your internet traffic drastically, just as one bad product can make you lose customers.

However, you probably will have a bag full of mixed blogs – some useless, some decent ones, some great ones, and some that need improvisation. We will focus on the ones that are duds and that can be improvised. You needn’t recreate the content to improve a bad blog. All you need is some time and few great tricks, as mentioned below, and make few minor changes in your existing blogs to make your blogs instant hit.

Tip #1: Add or Upgrade your CTA (Call to Action)

Add a call to action, in the form of an image or text, to urge readers, leads, or customers to take action, such as call, click, or download. If you are a product or service-oriented blogger, you must add a CTA at the end of the content or anywhere you please to prompt the user to check your products or visit other pages of your website.

Tip #2: Add Links

Internal and external linking is gaining immense popularity. Google loves content that is linked to other blogs or that contain fresh, relevant links. For instance, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you can link your homemade face cream recipe post to your cosmetic product review blog. You can also link authority sites to your content to improve traffic and performance.

Tip 1 and 2, both will increase your click-through rate by at least 90% and these fixes will not even take more than 30 minutes of your time.

Tip #3: Improve the Title

Whether it is a blog or an emailer, the title can do 80% of your marketing work. Your title should not be too vague, too boring, or too long or else people wouldn’t click it to view your blog. Your title should sound urgent, have numbers if relevant, add curiosity, must be relative with time, and short. It should also be unique. However, most importantly, it should contain the keywords recommended for better ranking.

Tip #4: Add Appropriate Keywords

Go through your content to check if you are targeting the right keywords. Content is not all about grammar, love, and vocabulary. It is also about targeting the audience with the right keywords. If your targeted keyword or phrase has a difficulty score (over 30), you must create many posts to get the required traffic and own the keyword. On the other hand, if you use highly relevant keywords it can produce very low monthly search volume. Therefore, you must target keywords based on your requirement – high traffic or high-value leads.

Tip #5: Improve Time on Page

Page performance can be tricky. When ranking your posts, Google considers a lot of things, including page view rate and bounce rate. If a viewer clicks on your blog but leaves the page within a few seconds, you will not receive a good ranking. Good subheadings, bullet points, images, infographic, shorter paragraphs and sentences, and information that are unique but well researched (guaranteed by studies and analysis) must be added to improve a bad content and on-time page.

The following content marketing tips must be used when the content is great but traffic is slow.

Tip #6: Spread Your Blog Post

Improve your blog post’s reach using different mediums, such as paid advertising, social media, etc. as sponsored posts to target or retarget your audience. If your current post drives leads then invest a little to increase traffic or target new buyers. Even if the blog post doesn’t convert leads to consumers, through social media sharing, you will invariably be increasing engagement and future conversions through followers.

Tip #7: Share the Content and Promote it

Just because you shared it once, doesn’t mean sharing the post again won’t invite potential buyers. Buyers’ perspective changes very often. So what they didn’t find relevant a few months ago, may find absolutely alluring now. Keep sharing the content whenever there is relevancy. For instance, your summer cooler drink recipes, which you had published in 2017, can still be shared every summer