How to Upload/Install a Custom Blogger Template

In this tutorial i will show you, how you can upload or change your blogger design in blogger blogging plafform.

Blogger is a free blogging platform, and they also provide free hosting and themes for your blog. The default templates they used to give us are very simple and not SEO optimized well because they all are designed many years ago and don’t even updated a single time after that. So that’s the reason people like to change their default theme.

Search engines like Google updated its search algorithms many times, and they are continuously updating to improve search results and user’s experience. So, it’s very important for us as a blogger we must change our default blog template with a custom design that must have features like Responsive, SEO Friendly, Attractive And Fast Loading.

That’s why today I bring this tutorial to help newbie bloggers so that they can learn how to install/change the template in blogger.

Install/Change Your Blogger Design

Before changing your default blog template select a perfect design for your niche and then download the theme. Blogger template comes with an XML file, and you need to upload that file to install your template, or you can install by simply doing copy-paste HTML codes to your Blogger Template Edit HTML section. To install/change your blogger template follow this steps below.

Method 1(change template by uploading XML file)

Step1: Log in to your Blogger account

Step2: Now in blogger dashboard, you can see your blog name there, just click on your blog name

Step3: You can see there an option “template” in left site, click that link

You need to click on blogger "template" button to see next option
Step4: Now in top right site you can see an option  “Backup/Restore,” click that link

To Download or Upload your theme, you need to click this button.

Step5: You will see there two option “Download Full Template” And “Choose File” option

After clicking Backup/Restore button, you will see this option "Download Template" and "Choose File". Now click on download full template button to backup your theme copy.

Step6: Click on the first choice and download full template as a backup. So whenever you need your previous model, you can able to backup easily.

Step7: Now click on “Choose File” button to browse your XML template file then select your new template which you want to apply to your blog.

Select Choose File and Browse your Template XML file from your device, then click on upload button

Step8: Once you select your template, simply click on Upload button for the final step.

Step9: You are done!

Method 2(change template by simply doing copy-paste HTML codes)
Step1: Log in to your Blogger account

Step2: Now in blogger dashboard, you can see your blog name there, just click on your blog name

Step3: You can see there an option “Template” in left site, click that link

Step4: Now you can see there  “Edit HTML” button, click this button to insert your new template HTML code.

You will see an option in template section "Edit HTML", you need to click this option to paste your custom theme copy

Step5: Now press Ctrl+A to mark all previous template code and press Delete button to remove old code.

Step6: After removing previous template HTML code find your new temple XML file. Now open your template in Notepad then press again Ctrl+A to mark all the coding. Copy them and then paste into Blogger Edit HTML area.

After removing Previous codes just paste there your new template HTML codes there, then click on "Save Template" button.

Step7: After placing your new code, just click on “save template” option for the final step.

Step8: You are done!

Hope this tutorial will be useful for blogger newbies and those who want to change their blogger default design with a custom template. For better understand I also shown there a video instruction.
Still, if you face there any difficulty or need any kind of help, then please let me know by leaving a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.