How To Start a BLOG – A Complete Guide to Start a Blog On Blogger Blogging Platform

Start your own Blog is a superb idea because you can Express Your Thoughts and share anything you like. So if you are wise in this field, you can also earn a decent income from your blog.
Each day, about 172,800 blogs are created. That is two blogs every second. With so many blogs springing up daily, you might be wondering, “Should I start a blog?”

Well, I think yes!

Before starting your blog, you’ll need to choose your blogging platform.There are a lot of different blogging platforms Such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, SquareSpace, Wix and many more.
If you are looking for ways to create a free blog, I highly recommend you to consider using Blogger(also known as Blogspot) blogging platform as it not only easy to set up but you can start making money from AdSense as well.
an easy,powerful tool to share your story

Why Blogger?

  • Blogger is totally free and never asks for a penny.
  • You can set up a custom domain name for your blogger blog.
  • Now Blogger user can use HTTPS on their blog.
  • Blogger offers free Simple Templates.also you can upload your own theme. Template Editor to edit the code of your theme. Template Designer to design the essential elements for your blog and to add custom CSS to your blog.
  • Layout editor helps to place various widgets at different locations on your blog by just dragging and dropping.
  • Blog Post Publishing system and management are easy to use.
  • Communication System is Good also. You can use Google+ Comments on Blogger blog.
  • Blogger post Editor provides all essential tools to write an excellent blog post. Provides tools and options such as location, labels, search description, custom permalink, custom robots tags, image alt tag, blog post scheduling, errors, and redirections, etc.

    How to Create a free blog on Blogger?

    Creating a free blog on Blogger or Blogspot platform is very easy. Here is my step by step guide to creating a free blog on Blogger. Just follow my steps to create a free blog on Blogger.

    1. Go to
    2. Now, to create a free blog on Blogger, you need to have a Google account or Gmail Account. If already you have a Google account You can sign into your Blogger account. 
    3. Once sign into your Blogger account, for the first time, it will ask you to setup a profile for your Blogger blogs. You can choose your Google Plus profile or simple Blogger (BlogSpot) profile. Using Google Plus profile, you will be using your Google Plus profile as your Blogger profile.

      click on new blog to start your blog on blogger dashboard section on right site of blogger dashboard

    4. Now you will able to see the Blogger Home Page. Then click on the ‘New Blog’ button to start your blog.
    5. Now a new window will be open as shown in the following screenshot. Choose your Blogs title and address along with a Good Template. The domain name should be select carefully.You can set up a custom domain or edit this domain later.
      sample new window of blogger account where you can submit your blog address,title and template
    6. Once, you fill up all these steps, click on “Create Blog” Button to finish the setup process, it will create your blog after that you will be able to see your Blog Dashboard as shown in the following Screenshot.
      blogger dashboard allow you to change and customised your blog content
    7. Now your blogger blog is ready to start blogging.  You can see your blog live by clicking on the View Blog button at the Top of the dashboard Section or by directly entering the blog URL in the web browser.

    That’s all now your Blog setup is complete. Isn’t very easy?

    However, just creating a blog is not enough. There are many changes that you need to do after creating your blog setup.

    After Creating a BlogSpot Blog what you have to do?

    Now Let us learn what things you need to do for your Blogger blog once you just created it. Here below I am going to share a few things that can help you to build and customize your blog better.
    Customize Blog’s Template

    Design and Content are the most vital factors for a good blog, for what people come to your blog is content and for what they stay and read on its design. Therefore, the first thing you need to focus on after creating a blog is setting up a good design for the blog. Now I will be going to teach you how you can choose a good blog Design (i.e. template design) for your Blogger blog and also how you can you customize it in brief.
    Look on your Blogger Dashboard, In the left side then click on Template.Now you will see a window as shown in the following screenshot.

    change your blogger template or edit on html

    Here you can change Blogger Template for your blog.You can also customize.

    How can customize the following this under Template:

    • You can Choose a Template from it’s available templates collection.
    • By clicking on Customize button, a new template editor will open where you can able to make some changes such as changing the background, changing font design and colors, adding Custom CSS, selecting the layout, etc.
    • You can Edit HTML of the template.
    • Choose a Mobile Template.
    • Now you can also backup your blog template or upload your own template by clicking on the Backup/Restore button on the top right side of the dashboard.

    So, these are a few things that you can do in the Template window of Blogger.

    How To Customize my Blog’s Layout?

    Now click on Layout, right side above Blogger Dashboard, you will see a window as shown in the following screenshot.

    layout allow you to manage your blog layout by simple drag and drop methoud

    In Layout Section, you can manage your Blog Layout by simple drag and drop method. You can see the various locations in the Layout Editor where you can add various widgets also. As you can see in the following screenshot, a few places are empty in the layout to offering Add a Gadget.By clicking Add a Gadget we can easily add a gadget or widget to our blog at various location.

    Blogger offers many useful gadgets/widget for your blog. We can edit Favicon, blog header, footer, sidebar, etc. Also, you can go to the Template Designer to change the layout widths and other settings.

    Other Essential Features and Settings:

    Customizing the Blog’s Theme are the two primary things that you need to do after creating a blog on Blogger. Now there are a few another settings that you can change. These are given below in the form of points followed by a brief description.You can able to make these changes under the Settings Option.

    • You can edit the Title, Description, and Privacy of your Blog.
    • Also can add a meta description, meta keyword, can set search preferences, etc.
    • You can edit your Blog’s address or setup a custom domain name.
    • You can manage your blog’s authors.
    • Can make changes on Blog Posts and Comment related settings such as the maximum number of a blog posts to show on the homepage, the comment moderation settings, etc.
    • You can make language and formatting related settings.
    • Can choose HTTPS support.
    Start Publishing Content

    Once you make all the required changes on your blog, now it is time to start publishing content. If you want to gain to your blog traffic, then you need to make a proper plan for publishing the content on your Blogger blog. You can write a blog post in Blogger by clicking on the ‘New Post’ button at the top left corner.

    The blog post editor in Blogger will look like as shown in the following screenshot.

    here you can post your blog content also can setup a custom permalink,labels and many more

    Now write an article in a proper format at Compose section. After finishing your content writing chose a suitable post title for your article and insert it on post title area. Now when all you are done click on ‘PUBLISH’ button to see your Blog Post live.

    Enjoy Blogging.

    So, this is my guide on Blogger Blogging platform. If you have any questions, please comment below, I will be happy to help you.

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    Thanks for Reading this Post.