Blogger Advance SEO Setup – Search Preferences Settings

With the help of Blogger Advance Search Engine Optimization Setup, you will be able to Get better ranking in search engine

With the help of Blogger Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Setup, you will be able to Get better ranking in search engine. These features are imperative because doing proper setup there, chance to get better ranking in search engine and incorrect setup can harm your SERP or you may lose your search engine visibility.

So, In this post, we will learn all the advanced BlogSpot SEO settings available in Blogger. Let’s get started.

Blogger Advance SEO Setup

Setup Description & Privacy – First of all, go to Blogger Dashboard then Click on Settings. Now click on “Basic,” you will see there following option “Description” and “Privacy.” In the description box write down your blog description, then click on edit privacy link. You will see there two option 1. Add your blog to our Listings and 2. Let Search engines find your blog. Select YES option then Save Changes.
Write down your blog description this section then set your privacy option then click save changes to finish setup

Search Preferences Settings

To change blogger default Search Preferences Settings follow the steps below.

Go to Blogger Dashboard
Then “Setting” > “Search Preference” respectively.
To change blogger default Search Preferences Settings go to "setting" then "Search Preference" respectively

Edit Meta Tags Description

Meta tag description is the brief and concise summary of your blog or website. It supposes to install after the title of the page. The user of search engine focuses on the description of the post after reading the title of the post. So, Keep in mind that it is very much necessary that your meta description must be related to what you have written in your blog. Use multiple keywords there related to your blog niche with separated commas in the description. Be sure that it is between 150 to 160 characters.

To Edit this section go to the Settings > Search Preferences >Meta Tags > Edit Description > Save Changes

Edit Crawlers and indexing

By editing this features, you can send direction to the search engines such as Google, Bing that How they crawl and index your site. It’s very useful features follow my steps below to configure.

Enable Custom Robots.txt

Blogger allows to setup Custom Robots.txt for their Blogspot blog. By enabling this feature, your blog will automatically allow your blog’s sitemap to start indexing in search engines.

To Enable Custom Robots.txt on blogger go to Settings > Search Preferences > Custom robots.txt > Edit to Enable and insert the following code there >  Then click on Save Changes

[User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: Place Your XML sitemap URL here]

Insert given code on Custom robots.txt section then save changes to complete process

Enable Custom Robots Header Tags

Now you can also be able to enable Your Custom Robots Header Tags using Blogspot Setting. This part is usually used to stop search engines from indexing unnecessary parts of your blog such as tags, archive and search pages, etc.
To Enable Custom robots header tags click on Setting> Search Preferences > Custom robots header tags > Edit to Enable and follow the image, mark the options > Then click on Save Changes.

To Enable Custom Robots Header Tags, follow the images then click on save changes to finish setup

These are my full guide about Blogger Advance SEO Setup by Editing Search Preferences Settings. So, fell free to contact me, if you have any query regarding this post. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share with your friends & family.